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BTPA Coronavirus / COVID-19 information

Opening of Bowen Therapy clinics during 'lockdown'

During the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, advice from the UK government has varied considerably, as areas of the country were deemed to be more at risk than others. With the current lockdown restrictions in place around the UK, the current guidance is for close-contact holistic and wellbeing services to be closed, unless an exemption applies in the new legislation.

State regulated healthcare professionals are allowed to offer treatments, and there is also an exemption for 'health services' to remain open in England and Wales (and Northern Ireland, when working alongside a state regulated healthcare practitioner).

BTPA have given advice to our members, working in each country of the UK, to follow the government guidance and legislation. As per the exemption from closure afforded to 'health services', remedial therapy may be offered to clients who are in pain or have mobility issues (and are in need of urgent treatment).

Non-urgent Bowen sessions will likely be postponed until after the government restrictions have been lifted.

If you are looking for a therapist on our public register of Full members, please be aware that most clinics are likely to be closed, so you may not be able to seek treatment at this time. Contact your local Bowen therapists directly to confirm if they are working.

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