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Who Benefits from Bowen Therapy?

Both humans and animals have benefitted greatly from Bowen and the number of studies is beginning to grow, although Bowen is still a relatively new therapy which, having started in Australia, has only been in Europe since approximately 1992.

BTPA have been collecting evidence of the effects of Bowen Therapy, including patient testimonials, research study results, articles and case studies.

Human Bowen


Bowen Therapy has been found especially useful for children with a range of symptoms, and many BTPA therapists have set up dedicated Children's Clinics. Testimonials from parents of such children are included in the Bowen Testimonials section.


Bowen Therapy can be used on adults of all ages, for a variety of symptoms. Read the many Bowen Testimonials we have received from adults who have benefitted from their Bowen Therapy sessions. Or search for a Bowen Therapy practitioner in your area now.

Corporate Bowen

Bowen Technique is being used in workplaces around the country, as a means of addressing workplace injuries and helping employees get back to work quicker. Read more on the Corporate Bowen page.

Animal Bowen

Bowen Therapy is being used with a variety of animals, in particular dogs and horses, with great success. Professional treatment of animals using Bowen Therapy requires the cooperation of your vet.

Read more about Animal Bowen.

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