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How To Train (as a Bowen Therapist)

The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) is not a training organisation.

However, we do accept students from all accredited teachers of the Bowen Technique working on humans. Details of their courses can be obtained directly from the teacher/trainer and whichever route a student decides to take, completion of their course will get them well on their way to being able to join the BTPA register. Full members of BTPA will be added to the public list of professional Bowen Therapists.

BTPA does not currently assess Animal Bowen training schools but instead offers fully qualified Full Members the chance of listing their Animal Bowen clinic details on their 'Find A Therapist' entry. Please ensure you research any canine or equine Bowen therapist to ensure they are suitably experienced or qualified to work with animals, with the relevant insurance and have cooperation with the animal's vet. Read more about Animal Bowen.

We support Bowen practitioners and students at whatever stage of their learning (see membership benefits ). Full members who have completed all the requirements for the BTPA Human Bowen register will also be eligible to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’s (CNHC) register for complementary therapists that is recognised by the NHS.

You will be expected to have (at least) a basic training in Anatomy & Physiology prior to (or obtained during) training in Bowen Therapy (if you intend to practise professionally) as well as a Level 3 diploma (or equivalent) in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology in order to become a full member of BTPA (and to register with the CNHC). More information about AP&P training can be found here.

As part of ongoing continuous professional development (CPD), BTPA expects full members to keep their knowledge and skills base up to date. To assist with this BTPA recognises and accepts a wide range of teachers and trainers.

Learn more about the CPD requirements for continuing BTPA membership.


As a verifying organisation for the CNHC, BTPA is required to check that new members have a Bowen Therapy qualification that complies with the CNHC National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum (CC). This now means that each new member must have a certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology dated on or before the Bowen Therapy qualification date.

BTPA requires the Bowen Therapy schools and individual tutors that are listed on the Training page to verify that their Core Bowen courses comply with the NOS and CC, through a process of self-certification, in-person assessment of courses, validation of teacher qualifications and obtaining proof that suitable insurance is in place for each course, covering all students that are being trained.

BTPA also checks that the relevant parts of the NOS have been adopted for postgraduate training workshops (Bowen hands-on CPD).

If you run a Bowen training course and wish to be added to the list of 'accepted by BTPA' tutors, then please get in touch. More information can be found here.

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